I am a responsible Maltese breeder and work on quality of dogs, not on their multiplication. I am very selective of bloodlines I work with, and my priority is quality and healthy bloodlines only, as well as an exclusiveness and reputation, not their notability and popularity, which guarantees healthy and quality puppies. I insure that the bloodlines I am working with, are clean of genetic diseases and valuable. I personally research each pedigree and get insured in good reputations of kennels and breeders, before I will produce puppies

All dogs which are participating in my breeding program have been successfully titled as Champions and Grand Champions. I work with dogs from Russian and Korean Maltese kennels mostly. Typically, I do not have more than one — two litters per year and do not breed mini-; micro-; or teacup-; dogs purposely due to risk of health issues. My goal is to breed puppies according to AKC/FCI standards only.

I am working in clean home environments without cages and crates.
I do not have many dogs and all my puppies are home raised, well socialized and healthy.
I am participating to EMBARK DNA program. All my dogs of breeding stock have passed  EMBARK DNA test for over 160 genetic mutations linked to diseases to confirm health of future litters as well as for a genetic traits to confirm purity and quality of my breeding.
Proud participant of the AKC “Bred with H.E.A.R.T. “ program

If your are interested in my puppies, please take your time to fill out the Application.

You can contact me directly via Email, text/call at: (910) 632-0301.

I do not sell puppies/dogs to a kennels/breeders.

I do not ship my puppies, every potential owner is required meet me in person. 

All my puppies/dogs are sold strictly under the AKC Limited Registration for pet homes only. 

Available Litter

Two litters are planned for fall of 2022.

Puppies will be available in spring of 2023.

Completed Application  is required if interested.

Sold Litters